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Atmega32 based telephony platform

If you have a land-line telephone at home probably it already has lots of features like answering machine, phone number identification, recorder. I bet it can’t do that much as this DIY device does. This telephony platform has lots of features including: • Works both as a standalone device or in conjunction with a PC • Records up to 230 calls or 17 hours of audio with a 512MB MMC/SD card • DTMF detection for European-style incoming caller ID and outgoing number detection • Allows listening to calls in real time or replaying them later • Allows simultaneous record and playback • Transmits audio over the serial port either in real time or replaying from the memory ca • LCD for call progress monitoring and timing • Optional “mini-UPS” battery backup allows operation even in case of power failures Device is built around Atmega32 microcontroller and smaller ATTiny45 which is responsible for battery voltage and AAA NiMH charging. Device is controlled by 5 push buttons while viewing actions in simple 2×16 LCD. Great project to make your home more hacked.… Continue reading