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The Advanced E-field Touch Keyboard

Would you love to try something different in your boring life? Then, how about take a few hours and create an E-field touch keyboard? We all know that keyboard is one of the most important input devices of the personal computer. It mainly consist a set of keys arranged in matrix from interfaced with microcontroller to transmit proper key-press signal to the PC. Amongst the various types of keyboards, the mechanical type of keyboards is most popular. Basically, the E-field touch keyboard is an interesting project, where it can be used to replace present keyboard having mechanical type switches with a “Touch keyboard”. This keyboard can reduce the strain on finger muscles and chances of any related diseases. To be honest, the probability of a key not working is very less, as no any dust or dirt can enter into it to interrupt the key’s function. The best thing about this E-field touch keyboard is it eliminated most of the mechanical keyboard switches. If you refer to the above figure, you can see that two thin triangular electrodes are connected… Continue reading