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This USB Game Controller is Unbeatable!

Guys, are you bored with the ordinary game controller and you’re wish to have something different here? Well, if you did, then you should be excited now, as you’ll have the opportunity to develop a USB game controller with 12 inputs (8 buttons + 4 directions) without further hassle! Basically, the reason that this circuit is being used for this project is because it capable to connect up to 12 buttons, including four directional buttons to a PC using an USB port is very useful. With the use of this circuit, you’re able to create homemade Arcade style controller and small arcade cabinets and simple controller to USB. Beside that, it can be acted as a switches, limit-switches, or alarm as well. Technically, this project is totally depending on your skills, as you can build the circuit on a breadboard by simply using thru-hole components, or you might prefer to build the surface-mount version using multiuse PCB2 circuit board. Since the USB standard will define device classes, so you won’t need any drivers for this project! Plus, you may want… Continue reading

PicLA is The Idea Low Cost Logic Analyzer

You’re not satisfied with the currently Logic Analyzer and would like to buy a brand new and low cost logic analyzer? OK, there is a great way here, where you can save your money and having a low cost logic analyzer here… Yep, it’s time to develop a new PicLA logic analyzer, which it’s using an 18F2525 PIC microprocessor and a PC. In this project, the PIC is used as a hardware capture device, where it monitoring the data lines and records all the changes. The analyzer can be operated in a “Fast Sampling” mode, which the data is being sampled into an internal 1K buffer on the PIC. There is another mode, the “Normal Sampling” or “Continuous Sampling” mode, which all the data changes are offloaded to the PC in real time. This PicLA logic analyzer allows you to select the sampling in either 4 or 8 channels. Beside that, the 3584 or 7168 samples can be easily stored in “Fast Sampling” mode without any further modification. For the “Normal Sampling” there is no limit to the duration of… Continue reading

DTMF Phone Dialer – An Ugly But Useful Phone System

Phone Dialer is the most common communication tool in an office (Can you imagine the mess and difficulty without this multipurpose tool?). An easy to access and fast connection DTMF Phone Dialer can be an excellent assistant in your office. The reason why you must have a DTMF Phone Dialer: It has a big LCD screen with a fancy menus It equips with different modes PC connection for remote control of the phone E-mailing voice messages The circuit that used in this phone dialer is NTE1690 DTMF dialer chip and a PIC 16F690 microcontroller. Have you notice that the phone dialer box consist two RJ9 ports at the back. One is connected to handset’s port for the phone, while the other is to the headset itself. It is works efficiently both on IP-phones and standard phones. This DTMF Phone dialer has the following features: Storing phone number Dialing the stored number Copy the stored numbers from one portal to another Dialing the phone number manually Change the dial speed accordingly I admitted, this DTMF phone dialer is a little bit… Continue reading