The Marvelous Mega Meter

You can’t get enough with the current electronic bench test instrument and you’re wishing for a more powerful multifunction bench tester? Then, you’re the lucky person, as today you’ll have the chance to look into this Multifunctional “Mega Meter”… For your information, this Mega Meter is based on an ATMega128, where the microcontroller programming is fully done under GCC 3.2 and the PC interface was being programmed by using VB 6. If you refer to the above figure, you can see that there are many electronic components have been used here, such as: Two 0-10 VDC voltmeters (The basic ADC inputs), A 0 – 30 VDC Hi-Z autoranging voltmeter with x10 jumper to give 0 -300 VDC range, A 0 – 3 Amps high side ammeter, 4 channel logic analyzer, Frequency generator (The frequency can be adjusted by modifying the value in OCR1A), Frequency counter (It uses 16 bit TCNT3 in external clock mode to count incoming pulses), Waveform generator that based on a MAX038. Beside that, the board also includes the RS-232 interface, ISP interface, 14.7 MHz crystal, 5Vā€¦ Continue reading