Parrot buggy ride

This buggy is really fun way of keeping parrot busy all day. It’ small four wheel platform with a place for bird to sit and simple joystick control where parrot can move buggy in all direction with beak. From technical point of view it is not only a joystick controllable drive. It also has some intelligence which takes in to action once bird is taken away. Buggy finds a way to the docking station. Docking station consists of two colorful spheres that are captured with camera. Algorithm process the image and gives command to align buggy so that spheres were aligned. Of course there are some electronics working to make this happen. Firs of all the brain. It is a Beagle board which takes care of camera, wireless comm and giving commands to motor. Lower level electronics like motors and sensors are controlled by pair of Atmega168 microcontrollers. I think any trained domestic animal would find such buggy to be fun to ride. Continue reading