Heart Simulator with proper shape

People at Tymkrys made a project that can simulate the electrical signals moving through the heart. The good thing is that the board is available in a heart shaped. Therefore, it can be called a Heart Shaped Heart Simulator. It simulates the electrical activity of 17 different rhythms and when paired with the heart backplanes, it can also be used as an audio as well as a pulse simulator. There are several key areas that conduct electrical signals through the heart to keep a heart beating like it should. If something goes wrong in any of these areas, by any means it won’t be a good situation for the heart.  The board actually simulates different ways a heart can go wrong with LED’s replacing the electrical signals in a real heart. The PCB that ships in is just one part of the simulator. One can actually hook it up to a solenoid, a LCD, a headphone and other electronics, to turn the electronic heart into a complete study tool for heart rhythms. The MCU on the board is a Parallax… Continue reading