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Is Paintball, Not “Painball”!

Looking forward to play the paintball game, but fear of the pain when got shot? Now, with this paintball safety system, you don’t need to afraid the pain anymore! This sophisticated paintball safety system consists of the sensor circuitry and the microcontroller code. The main purpose for this design is to ensure that the paintballs travel in a safe speed, which under 300 feet per second. The main function of sensor circuitry: Base on the “beam break” concept for triggering the microcontroller. IR diodes always in on position and will be saturated the phototransistors. It will automatically detect the balls or no balls condition, where if with ball is 4.2V while no ball is 0.1V. If timer overflows and the ball was took longer time to reach the rear sensor (>1.666 miliseconds), this will considered as a “PASS” condition as it’s speed less than 300 feet per second. If otherwise, then it is a “FAIL”. Green LED indicates, “PASS” while red LED means, “FAIL”. Both of them will stay on for two second until the reset. Continue reading