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OpenStreetMap4Primer2 – The Portable and Smart Map Reader!

In present days, it’s definitely not a big deal to connect a GPS receiver to a microcontroller. Normally, the GPS receivers send data and pack into NMEA format, as a serial stream over a serial port! The only problem is what should we do with the data? For tracking purposes, it’s just only enough to save the data stream to a nonvolatile memory. If you want to visualize the GPS data on your device, such as show your actual position on a map, and then you’re facing two main problems here: Firstly, you have to deal with a big amount of map data. Secondly, the map data underlies restrictive copyright licenses! Thanks to the incredible OpenStreetMap4Primer2, you can easily overcome the above two problems. For your information, the OSM4Primer2 is an awesome device, as it allows the map data to be stored and recovered from the micro-SD card. In this case, you only have to download the desired map data from OSM project and save the map to the micro-SD card. Furthermore, the OSM4Primer2 can be used to extract the… Continue reading

The USB Connector-sized Open Stepper!

Most of you here must have been involved with Open stepper motors before, but have you ever saw the mini size Open Stepper? If you haven’t and you’re wondered what the actual appearance of this Open stepper, then you should get yourself into this Open stepper development project. From the above figure, you will find out that this Open stepper motor is about the size of the USB connector, which it’s very small enough and you can put it into your pocket easily! This Open Stepper Module (OSM) is comprised of a GSM_01 and the Open Stepper circuit board. The OSM firmware is based on Mike Thompson’s popular Open Servo project, where Jay Ragsdale was the person that ported it to the ATtiny84. Beside that, Jay has written the low-level drive algorithm that makes this code work with a stepper motor. Since this is a smart Open stepper motor, thus it can be controlled via a daisy chained serial connection, where it could make it simple to interface with complex projects. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this Open stepper motor project and… Continue reading