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Open source prototyping platform

Maybe You don’t know much about microcontroller programming, and you do not want to learn much about it but want to give a try on designing something interactive, Arduino projects is what you need. Arduino is an open source and open hardware project of simple prototyping platform. Main purpose of this platform is to make prototyping accessible for artists, designers, hobbyists and other who is interested in creating interactive objects. I like this projects because it makes microcontroller interfacing acceptable for everyone. Arduino boards are based on ATMEL Atmega8 and ATmega168 microcontrollers.   What makes this platform so easy? Programming of Arduino board is made by using Arduino programming language (based on Wiring). Language is very easy to use, because you don’t have to care about microcontroller ports and various includes. You just need to select board pin for specific flashing the LED and then control with simple instructions. Hardware and software needed is available for download freely. All you have to build the board or buy assembled one. Boards come in different modifications with specific periphery functions included like… Continue reading