Pulling information with weather widget

It is always nice to know current and future weather. There are tons of computer or android apps that allow constantly monitor weather data of any locations you selected. But not everyone likes these widgets being on screen. So why not building a physical weather widget that would display pretty same information on graphical LCD. deba168 has published his instructable where he builds a weather widget using ESP8266 serial WiFI transceiver that can also be programmed in arduino manner. He used 128×64 OLED display to show localized weather data along with time and date. He pulls weather data from wunderground by using free account. And finally he used 3D printed enclosure that blends in on any surface. Continue reading

Nice looking PIC24 watch with OLED

Jared has been working on his OLED watch and it seems that it reached the stage when if can be to test. Watch is equipped with several great features like USB HID communication, time, date with events and accelerometer. Watch firmware is RTOS based where he wrote all necessary drivers, graphics engine and PC applications for setting things up. He designed schematics and PCB by himself using Altium Designer software having small size in mind. Jared was about to look for 3D printer to do the case, but he found that aluminum case from iPod Nano fits just right. Watch already works, but there is much work to do on user interface and probably new features like Bluetooth, magnetometer and other things that bring it to fully featured smart watch. Continue reading

OLED Watch powered with MSP430

This project is about an OLED Wrist watch built around 16-bit controller known by the name MSP430 and is manufactured by Texas Instruments. These controllers are designed specifically for low-power or battery powered operations and seems to be a perfect choice for a wrist watch. It runs on a cr2016 based coin cell and an OLED display. This project is actually an update to the older edition since the author wanted to enhance its battery life. Earlier it used to consume around 3ma of current but now it’s capable of consuming current in micro amperes with a good OLED display. The watch also has an on-board accelerometer in the design, which is used to detect tap and double tap so that it can wake up the controller using interrupts. The accelerometer has a shared SPI bus with the display. Also an under-voltage circuit has also been placed so that it can be used with an unprotected LiPo. The controller used is MSP430FR5738 which is a part of the MSP430 family and consume a way less current. Another advantage is that… Continue reading