This Carousel is not for You to Ride!

Do you remember the good old times, where your parents always brought you to the nearest funfair? You’re probably have a intimate bound with the carousel, as it’s one of the most popular theme in every funfair! Well, it’s time for you refresh your memory by building this MCU-controllable Carousel. Honestly, this isn’t a real Carousel, where you can have a ride on it, but it’s rather a MCU-controllable camera mount. Which means, you’ll need to find a panning head for this robotics projects (If you’re very familiar with the NXP LPC2148, then go ahead and use it to control this buddy). For building this project, you’ll have to prepare a few old CDs, where it will become the spinner. The axle of the MCU-controllable Carousel is actually a potentiometer, and this is for determining the position. For your information, the gear motor needed to be cobbled together with bits from a windup toy and old motor (You can buy the old motor online, if you didn’t have one). Ok, this MCU-controllable Carousel might look a little bit cumbersome, but… Continue reading