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Detecting power outages with alarm

Probably you have couple appliances that are reliant on constant power supply. It can be anything like fridge, water pump, server, router. If these things are next to you you can react instantly if power supply fails. But what if this happens in remote area. If you have fridge somewhere else and power fails, in time you can get loads of crap. In order to avoid such situations Medhi started Arduino power failure alarm project, where circuit would detect when power fails and send short message to owner so he could take actions immediately and save a day. Alarm device is based on Arduino. In order to send SMS, he used old Nokia3310 phone, which has plenty of info on interfacing using FBUS commands. Next thing here was to detect power failure. This is implemented using Arduino power supply with backup 9V battery. Arduino simply senses incoming voltage from supply adapter and if it fails, then it switches to backup battery. In order to have enough power to switch between supplies there is a large cap that prevents from resetting… Continue reading

Have Some Great Fun With This Remarkable Game!

You have an old Nokia 3310, where you decided not to use it anymore and keep it lying in your drawer? Well, it’s going to be your opportunity here to transform the cell phone into a splendid gadget: The Famous Pong Game! In this case, the accelerometer will be used to measure the acceleration of the cell phone. It’s used in cell phones to flip the image or web page based on the recording device or digital camera. Normally, it detects the photo frame to the height or width automatically. Because of its availability, it’s totally the perfect choice to suit to the different electronic structures. Ok, you must join the accelerometer, the ATMega88 and the display screen of the old Nokia 3310 altogether. The design that you’re about to make here is using 3-axle accelerometer MMA7260 module. This 3-axle accelerometer is the ideal choice for those who cannot adjust the SMD components. One 9V battery is more than enough to power up the whole circuit, since the board is a 5V stabilizer circuit with 7805. Therefore, it’s time to… Continue reading