Nixie tube based digital thermometer

It is always handy to have few digital thermometers around the house. You may want continuously monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures, Use it for specific needs, for instance when preparing food or regulating boiler water temperature. If you would like to check digital thermometer value from a distance, then you should go with bright display. You can always use large bright LED seven segment displays, but if you have few spare nixie tubes around, why not use them instead. Luca Dentella have build three digit Nixie tube digital thermometer based on Arduino. He has chosen 10K thermistor based temperature sensor which can be easily read through Arduino analog input. He wanted nixies to look even cooler, so he added RGB LEDs with WS2812 control chips underneath each tube. This way he could get cool effects by adjusting background color according to temperature values. Lately he completed his project by assembling thermometer on PCB he received. Only one thing that is still missing is enclosure. Continue reading

Nixie calculator powered by Raspberry Pi

This is some nice calculator which is grate from all aspects. But probably coolest thing here that retro looking Nixie display and old style keyboard keys are fused with modern electronics such as Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is definitely an overkill for such calculator, but since these things are getting cheaper and cheaper, so why not? To use a bit more of Raspberry Pi power Scott made it internet connected calculator where you can send calculations to WolframAlpha. All parts of calculator is custom made where each nixie tube is controlled by K155D driver chip. Each chip is controlled through I2C IO expander that is connected to Raspberry Pi. Custom power supply board takes care of powering computer with 5V and tubes with high voltage. I’d say this is quite and effort to build a calculator. Continue reading

The Nixie Clock is Incredibly Awesome!

When you’re hearing about Nixie clock, what is you first reaction for it? Or, have you ever heard about it before? For your information, a Nixie tube is an electronic device, which it’s mostly been used for displaying numerals or other information. The glass tube is usually contained a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes in the shape of Hindu-Arabic numerals. When you try to apply some power to one cathode, it will soon surround it with an orange glow discharge. The Nixie tube always filled with neon and a little bit of mercury or argon in Penning mixture at low pressure. The main purpose of this project is to show you how to drive a nixie tube display with the help of a PIC16F84A simple microcontroller. This is a better version of Nixie clock, where there are 4 nixie tubes being applied in this project. However, when you’re running the system, the numbers doesn’t seem to appear in the correct order, which the sequence was a little bit messed up as follows 0,1,2,3,7,5,8,4,9,6. Don’t worry, if you having this problem… Continue reading