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Infrared based Smart-board

This project is for professors who uses both a projector as well as a board simultaneously to teach. This device will help you to substitute both your boards into a single board. As the name suggest it’s controlled by infrared sensors to detect the movement of an IR led to control the remote laptop. In the whiteboard mode, the user can interact with a projected image to do things like scrolling, changing the image while in the blackboard mode the user will be able to write on a blackboard and have the IR camera trace the movements and draw it on paint and save the images The IR camera used is from the WII remote which is quite potable but still provides HD resolution and can track up to 4IR sources simultaneously. Since the camera is not available as a ready to buy unit, you will have to carefully remove it from the Wii remote. The information is transmitted with the help of RF operatred at 433 Mhz and the microcontroller is used is Atmega128p. On the laptop side, the… Continue reading

Weeboy – The Advanced Portable Color Tilt-controlled Video Game System!

Are you bored with all the Nintendo Gameboy and you would like to try something exhilarating and interesting? Well, if you have the determination and dedication, then you must try to build this Weeboy! Weeboy, which it is also known as the advanced portable color tilt-controlled video game system, wasn’t depending on any stationary displays or external power sources. Its features on novel tilt-based control. The main purpose of this project is to show that a complete portable video game system could be easily developed with an affordable! By pulling altogether a handful of low-cost parts and building the system yourself, you can easily built a complete programmable portable console with less than $70 per piece! The Weeboy is going to runs on a single 9V battery and features tilt-based control, monophonic sound and three playable games (Well, you can add more games later on!). The reason why Weeboy get its name, because it combines all the coolest features of the Nintendo Gameboy Color and the Nitendo Wii! If you’re confident enough with your development, then you can also turn… Continue reading