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Would You Mind to Have a Portable Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer?

Do you know what is the heck of this “URSA” was? Well, URSA is stands for “Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer” and it’s a very useful tools, which we can simply applied it into the: Bulk sample analysis Air sample analysis Wipe sample analysis Environmental monitoring Remote monitoring Portal monitoring Nuclear medicine Health physics Thyroid assay Homeland defense You can determine the quality of a URSA, by simply refers to its low noise design feature. The lower the noise level will constantly allows much higher gains to be used. In addition, the noise level will also greatly affect the detection of peaks at the very low end of the spectrum as well. Below here are some of the key characteristics for a high quality URSA: The low noise design (the lower the better), good low end resolution. Exceedingly Fast response, even for short counting times. The stand alone feature means no need to relate with other tools for operation. The Onboard 256K Byte memory (this for the storage of 4096 channel spectra). The 16 full spectra with 32 bit count per… Continue reading