Netduino based automatic weather station

zmashiah always wanted to have a nice weather station that would hang on the wall and display current weather and forecast. So he started a netduino based project with all features he wanted. As you may know netduino arduino shaped powerful board that houses AT91SAM7X512 ARM microcontroller and can be programmed using C#. It already has a 100mbps ethernet and microSD socket. He attached a graphical display to indicate all data including time, date, current weather info. It connects to Weather underground to pull information. It automatically detects location, daylights savings. Weather forecast includes next 3 days where you can see high and low temperatures, humidity and wind. Iconized display makes it look really professional. Continue reading

Netduino based gaming platform

Probably you are familiar with Netduino hardware. It is an open source 32-bit MCU based platform which can be programmed using .NET Micro Framework. Its like Arduino but more powerful as it is ARM powered. So couple of friends (Fabien and Bertrand) have designed a game console along with software framework. It allows fast step in in to game development. Programing language is C# which makes great resource for learning new stuff. Game expansion PCB for Netduino has 2 analog joystics, 8×8 LED matrix, speaker, SD card reader. It can be battery or wall adapter powered. Wouldn’t mind a better screen resolution instead 8×8, but still this should be fun playing with. This is an open source/hardware project which seems to be actively maintained. Continue reading