Hacking Your E-Bike is Just A Piece of Cake!

You have an old-fashioned exercise bike that can’t show up any data when you’re peddling and exercise with it? You wish to make a little modification on it with a multi-meter connected to cables out of the exercise bike? Oh well, it’s time to have some fun with your exercise bike now… First thing first, find one cable from the front “wheel”, where it’s a cable that going up to the “computer”. Differential the handlebar sensors and the pulse meter, which the pulse meter works with reading the change in resistance of your skin. Then, you’re hooking the multi-meter to the cable from the wheel. You can set your connection to beep, when there was a connection detected by the multi-meter. You must make sure that both of them are beep, either you’re moving the pedals or the wheel is moving. After that, you cut the wire in two and hook those up to the Arduino. Remember to solder the largest resistor, which you can find in the electronic scrap box on one of the cables. Continue reading