MSP432 – powerful but yet low power ARM-Cortex-M4F from TI

There are thousands variations of microcontrollers but each manufacturer offers something new and different on their brand. For instance Texas Instruments with its MSP430 family was leading in low power applications. In other hand with ARM-Cortex microcontrollers it is a bit harder to compete, because in many ways micros don’t differ that much. Bu still TI decided to use their success with low power technology and introduced MSP432 microcontroller which is an ARM-Cortex-M4F running at 48MHz. If compared to MSP430 microcontrollers MSP432 gives power boost to existing applications. TI promises that there is an easy port from 16-bit MSP430 to 32-bit MSP432 by following their guide. If you would like to give a try, there is an MSP432 Launchpad available for $13. As always, it is nice to have more… Continue reading