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Wireless Weather Station Equipped with Voice Synthesis

Weather is considering as one of the most unpredictable natural phenomenon on the Earth. Go figure, with all the sudden tornadoes, cyclones, floods, bushfire, and even dust storm violating all across the world, it’s becoming harder and harder to predict the constantly changes of weather! However, there are many people out there have huge interested in the meteorology. If you’re one of the meteorology fans, then you have to hang out here, as we’re about to develop a Wireless Weather Station with Voice Synthesis. Well, the main objective of the project is to create a cheap and maintenance free weather station, which is allowing the paraglider pilots to tell them the current wind condition at their flying site. Unlike the ordinary weather station, this one had access to a PSTN… Continue reading

The Cheap But Useful Ericsson Cell Phone Display GA628

You used to have an Ericsson Cell Phone GA628 and you also loved it very much, however after few years of using, you’ve decided to change a brand new cell phone and you just threw it inside the drawer and never touch or look on it after that? Well, instead of leaving it in the drawer, why don’t you reuse it and give it a nice little modification here? This project wouldn’t cost you too much, as it is a cheap and power saving simple display for battery powered, thanks to the help of Ericsson GA628 display. Since it’s a readily available and the I2C interface allows the connection to a very small microcontroller as well! The GA628 display will provide a 12 character alphanumeric display, where some of the… Continue reading

MSP430 TeHuMet project

Dubravko Gacina have sent a link to his project that was participating i a circuit cellar MSP430 design contests some time ago. This is a digital temperature and humidity metter based on MSP430F413 microcontroller. MSP430 microcontrollers are known as ultra low power MCU devices that are ideal for battery operated devices. Sadly that there is no more information including circuit and firmware. Also you can go through other projects that took place in design contest like Tiny Guidance Engine, Automatic Blood Pressure Meter • Tennis Computer and other projects based on MSP430 microcontrollers. You might find some great ideas for your own design. Continue reading