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Extensive guide on interfacing 1-wire devices to MSP430

1-wire devices are common among hobbyists. This is because of accuracy, simple interface and popularity. One problem is that microcontrollers don’t have some sort of 1-wire interface that can be used out of the box like I2C or SPI. Anyway using 1-wire isn’t that hard as it may look like. To break this barrier Karve have wrote detailed tutorial on interfacing popular DS18B20 temperature sensor to TI Launchpad MSP-EXP430G2. He analyzed every step that needs to be done in order to initialize 1-wire. All examples are followed with oscilloscope captured waveforms. Using bit-banging on microcontroller pins finally he red 12 bit temperature value which then was converted to get human readable value. So this is great read to refresh some skills and maybe do something interesting with 1-wire devices. Continue reading