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Compiling Arduino code for PIC32

Programming PIC microcontrollers using Arduino code style isn’t something new. We are already familiar with ChipKit development boards from Digilent and their Arduino like development environment called mpide. Tom Kibalo suggests using MPLAB IDE to develop and use Arduino code for PIC32 microcontrollers. He has been developing Arduino library code for PIC32. Most agree that Arduino IDE environment sucks for making more serious projects, so different options are always welcome. For instance by using MPLAB X IDE you can be way more productive with all tools it provides. Arduino library for PIC provides most of Arduino specific functions and there fore most of Arduino code can be executed on PIC same way using simple wrapper code. Continue reading

Introduction to ADCs on PIC using MPLab and PIC18F4431

People often ask me about how to wire up a PIC to configure it to read Analog data and convert them to serial. Though its very easy to set it up – it gets rather frustrating if the same question is asked multiple times in a week – the remedy? A tutorial of course! And what best way to do a PIC tutorial by using the free MPLab integrated development environment (IDE). This tutorial uses the PIC18F4431 to demonstrate how to use the PIC’s ADC and use the obtained data in pulse width modulation (PWM) to drive a LED – greater analog input corresponds to a brighter LED while the lower inputs would result to dimmer LED output – talk about getting visual. The tutorial is complete with instructions, schematic diagram, project files and even a breadboard layout! So what ya waiting for? Do the grove and start to move! Continue reading