The 100% DIY Digital Picture Frame

In the past, our ancestors mostly putted their photos in the old-fashioned photo frames, where it is not only huge but lack of any other useful functions as well! Time has passing by and the technology keeps changing. Beside of the ordinary photo frame, you’re now have another option to choose from: Digital photo frame. The digital photo frame is not only can display your photos in JPEG format, but it can also display the photos as a slideshow. Some other useful features of digital photo frames are: They come with adjustable time interval; The user can send photos to the printer; Some additional multimedia functions, such as movie clips recorded in a digital camera’s movie mode, MPEG video files or MP3 audio; Loading pictures over the internet from RSS feeds (Photo sharing through Flickr or Picasa!); Some of them can even display txt files! So, if you’re interested to DIY your very own digital photo frame, then you must understand the basic concept first. If you refer to the above figure, it shows that the SD card, PIC and… Continue reading