A Magnificent X-Y Plotter

Do you wish to have an X-Y Plotter, which it operates in two axes of motion (the ‘X’ and ‘Y’) by helping you to draw those continuous vector graphics? Since most of the standard plotters only has one control “Y” axis, this additional “X” axis will bring a big different. Today, you will have the chance to create your very own X-Y plotter, but it does need a little bit modification by yourself. If you have limited budget, you can uses those components that were salvaged from any types of old scanners, but the amount must be in a pair. Those components that needed for this project are: Belts Motors Driver boards Stepper motors When you’re combined all the above components, it will give you a resolution of 16 micrometers per step, which is a whole lot better accuracy than what you expected here. Continue reading