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Is About Time to Have Some Fun With The T-Kettles

When someone mentions about the Tea kettle, what is your first impression on it? If you think that the kettle is only good for boiling the water, then you should change your perspective at once! Today, you’ll have the chance to create a totally bizarre but fun project, where you will need one or more observers based on recasting a common household object in an unpredictable light! The three whistling kettles will be rigged with Servo motors and it is equipped with infrared motion sensors to detect human motion that moving in front of them! Theoretically, the sensed motion will activate specific routines, which is based on how many people are currently interacting with the kettles. For example, if there is one person detected on the sensors, then the kettle will instantly act in a “watched pot never boils” function and will activate the kettle in not whistling condition, while the other two kettles will continue the piercing whistle! If there are two people being sensed and detected, then the kettles will be refrained from whistling as the third untriggered… Continue reading