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Keep cat away from unwanted areas with cat protector

Cats are sneaky pets that don’t like to obey the rules. If you are nearby, then you can keep an eye and chase away. Normally your voice does the trick. But when you are not at home, cats can do what ever they want. Lucky resistor decided to put end to cats domination at home and started a new project called “Cat Protector”. It’s a device which once placed on some area, prevents it from cats visit. Device simply detects cat movement and then speaks recorded phrases with owners voice. Before building a final product, he first of all made a prototype, to see if this is efficient way to control the cat. After confirming, this works 100%, he finished it with portable enclosure and other elements. “Cat Protector” is based on Arduino Uno. Cat motion is sensed with Panasonic motion sensor AMN32111 which connects to Arduino with three pins. Masters audio is recorded in to SD card which is accessed with Data-Logging shield. Audio is played back through Microchip MCP4821 DAC interfaced to Arduino via SPI. Audio the is… Continue reading

mOtiOn – The Basic Video-based Motion Sensor

In the past twenty years ago, the motion sensors are particularly very expensive, as a common motion sensor is costs at least several hundreds to thousands of dollars. In addition, it’s impossible to build your very own motion sensor at that moment, due to the lacking of electronic components! However, the motion sensor is become an inexpensive electronic device, which is built based on real time processing of a video signal using analog preprocessing and optimized image processing algorithms in an AVR ATmega88 microcontroller. Technically, it can be used to detect movement in an incoming composite video signal in real time at 30 frames per second. Furthermore, it shows where the movement has been detected by simply highlighting it in its video output. As a result, it reports movement through its serial interface and a digital output pin. With this amazing mOtiOn, you’re allow to mask some sections of each captured frame. The mOtiOn is having the ability to detect and perform on user specified parts. In addition, it has several parameters to filter noise, adjust motion sensitivity, ignore lighting… Continue reading