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Arduinome – The Better Version of Monome!

Does anyone here love monome? For those of you that have deep interests on the monomer, then you’ve came to the right place, as today you will have the chance to get involved with Arduinome! For your information, Arduinome is the better upgrade version of Monome, where it’s actually a merge of microprocessor based hardware interface with development environment on the computer. In other meaning, this Arduinome is a clone of the original Monome with the use of an Arduino as its main brain! For your information, monomer is a small Philadelphia-based hardware company that specializes in making controllers for electronic music performance and new media art. Monome 40h is their first proud product, which it’s an eight-by-eight grid of backlit buttons that used to connect to a Mac or PC by simply using a USB cable and with the help of OpenSound Control protocol. About the Arduinome, it’s a more sophisticated upgrade version of Monome, where it has the following features, such as 8×8 bright LEDs, 8×8 arcade buttons, a well handcrafted box and the high quality Midi-out function!… Continue reading

The Cool Arduinome Project!

This Arduinome is an innovative and fun to develop Arduino based project. The Arduinome is a Monome project, which it is a USB MIDI and Open Sound Control surface for music, art and other purposes. Plus, it was built based on Open Source principles, thus it’s making the whole project more easily to use and develop as well! The Arduinome is the main spirit of the Monome. Why? Firstly, it’s definitely a breakthrough on the availability front. Secondly, it does make the hardware hacking on the Monome far easier and allowing people to make microcontroller-level modifications on the Arduino platform without any hassle! The Monome is not only a simple controller interface in the Arduinome project, but it also a new way of thinking about interface design. The main point of the Monome concept is to minimal the size while keep it in open-ended form. Therefore, this idea is highly reflected in Monome’s decision to make the firmware and software open-source. The Monome is definitely the perfect interface to try then port it to the Arduino microcontroller. In addition, the… Continue reading