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Play your favorite tune with a microcontroller

The tune of a song is made of various musical notes. Each note is played for a certain duration and there is a certain time gap between two successive notes. If the notes (frequencies) and the timing information are known, a microcontroller can be programmed to play the tune. This projects describes how to play the “Happy Birthday” tune with a PIC microcontroller. There are only two components used: a PIC12F683 microcontroller and a piezo buzzer. The microcontroller runs with a 4 MHz internal clock. Due to its high impedance the piezo buzzer can be driven directly from a PIC I/O pin. The author also provides the demo program written in MikroC which can be easily modified to play any other tunes. You can find the frequencies of various musical notes here. Continue reading

Proteus projects and tutorials

Today you don’t have to mess with wires in order to program and run microcontroller programs. There are so many tools that allow you to develop complete projects, simulate and debug them like they are real world examples. smainj in his French page has compiled ad nice collection of Proteus projects mostly for PIC microcontrollers.   His projects include positioneer, simple security system, data acquisition system with 16 analog and 16 digital inputs. But most exciting thing is that he publishes nice tutorials on how to set up embedded projects on Proteus Design Suite. Video projects include: -Designing a Schema Using ISIS; -Using mikroC compiler to Write a program for PIC16F; -Simulating programs; -Converting circuit to PCB; -Sending information from Computer to LCD Using virtual USART communication; -Software development : VB.NET and setting simple COM port communications; -Analogue simulation using PROSPICE; -Simulating ASM programs; -Viewing variable using Watch Window. Despite language is French, but video tutorials are self explanatory. Continue reading