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DIY An Open Source Gameboy is Easy as ABC!

If you’re one of those gameboy lovers and you always have passion want to try something new here, then you’ve come to the right place! For your information, today’s main theme is how to make an open source gameboy. You must be wondered, “Why should I waste $250 for develop an open source gameboy, instead I can buy 10 used gameboy on eBay easily?” Well, it sounds non-sense to you here, but once you’ve learned how to DIY a gameboy, you’ll be pleased of what you’ve done here! This Open source Gameboy is an Arduino-based, DIY GamePack is sort of like the Mignon Game Kit, but it is definitely looks much better and cooler. With only $249.93, you can have all these parts: CPU, “inputshield” customizable, vibrating controller, button component, “TouchShield Stealth” OLED display unit, and “MeCap” lithium battery pack. All you have to do here is try your best to assemble all the parts together and you start the game adventure right away! The only problem is this is still a blank slate with little more than code for… Continue reading