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Custom light source for microscope

A good lighting is essential when inspecting things through microscope. Built in light sources might not always be the best solution. It practically depends on what things are you looking at. For instance, if you need to inspect electronics circuits – you can get shadows depending on component placement and so on.  Finding this situation uncomfortable, Steve built his own light source that can be mounted on his microscope. This is basically a dual LED ring controlled by Attiny1632 microcontroller. Microcontroller is programmed with different light patterns that can be selected with couple rotary encoders and three buttons. Cycling through different options you can get best possible light combination that allows seeing best image through microscope. Continue reading

Air Sampler – The Best Device to Detect the Particles in Air!

Some people are having allergy to airborne particles, such as pollen, dust, spores, artificial fibers, tiny insect body parts or maybe butterfly poop! In this case, they have no option, but must always keep the house free from the particles! However, it’s very hard to measure, whether your house is free from the airborne particles, as they’re too tiny to be spotted! So, what can you do to overcome this problem? Well, easy, you can build a simple device – Air Sampler for capturing airborne particles, so you can examine it under a microscope later! Well, the idea for building the Air Sampler is quite simple. It’s a timer-controlled fan, which is producing constant airflow over a sticky tape. By doing this, it makes some of the airborne particles stick and attaches the tape on a slide. During the project, you might need to perform some dissembling, drilling, twisting and assembling works. Although it’s not a very tough job, but it requires you to spend several hours on it. Hence, this project is suitable for those who want to kill… Continue reading