Connecting GY521 gyroscope module to Arduino

Gyroscope is a device used to measure angular velocity. 3-axis gyroscope measures orientation in all three directions. Physics of gyroscope is based on angular momentum which allows it to be used in many areas like flight control, missile guidance, games etc. In modern electronics usually there are MEMS gyroscopes used that are small to fit in any device. Praven has shared his experience with interfacing GY521 gyroscope module to Arduino. This module also has a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer. Both of them fit in to small MPU6050 IC package which already has 6 built in 16-bit ADC channels. So each sensor has its own ADC. Module can be interfaced via 2C interface. Sensitivity of gyroscope can accelerometer can be programmed depending on application. If you know some terminology of flight then you should know Pitch, Roll and Yaw that correspond to angular velocity of plane on every axis. Gyroscope measures these velocities and by knowing time between measurements we can estimate angular displacement. This way flight controller measures it and tries to keep flying object stabilized. Praven wrote a simple Arduino… Continue reading

Buckymeter – The Best Buddy for Professional Bull Riders!

Is anyone here ever watched the “America’s Toughest Jobs”? Did you know that the bull riders are amongst the top 10 jobs in America? Also, it’s one of the most dangerous and brutal job, as you might twist your ankle or probably get yourself killed, during the bull riding event! Even though the annual salary of Bull rider is not too high, which is measly around US$42,000, but there are still many youngsters interested with this job! If you’re happened to be a bull rider, then this Buckymeter might be the ideal device for you here! Basically, Buckymeter is a tool, which is based on MEMS sensors and an LPC2138 microcontroller. For your information, the Buckymeter is also known as “Precision motion-sensing system” and it’s only being used in the military and commercial aviation in the last few decades! Thanks to the advent technology, a collection of these sensors can be connected to a custom microcontroller easily. This makes the MEMS sensors as one of the most high-end sensors in the electronics world. Well, the Buckymeter might be a small,… Continue reading