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USB key sized Java Script computer

Usually when you are building microcontroller project (say Arduino), you need to write code first, upload to microcontroller and then run it. And if you need to change something or run different program, you need to flash new program in to it. But these things can be done differently – by using script language like Java Script. Basically this works like this – an interpreter program continuously runs on microcontroller which accepts and runs scripts written by user during run time. This gives less hustle on developing things. You don’t need development tools like compiler or download cables. Scripting language is hig level language, where lots of things are hidden and you need to write less code. Also your programs are executed immediately once typed. Gordon Williams have started great kickstarter project where he is building an Espruino pico device which is USB memory stick size which runs JavaScript interpreter. All you need is to plug it to USB port and start playing with it. Java script is commnly used scripting language. Probably all websites have JavaSript on it, so… Continue reading

Espruino – JavaScript interpreter for micros

We usually program microcontrollers with some language like C, ASM, then compile it in to binary and upload to execute. But this is not the only way to do this. We can have a piece of code running inside MCU and execute new commands sent to them. If you put these commands in to single file – you get script. One good example is BASIC where we used to write programs for PC based interpreters. JavaSript is high level language with lots of handy features compared to BASIC. It has map, object, garbage collection. JavaSript is still intensively used in webpages for dynamic content. So there is plenty of code examples and tutorials. Why we would need an interpreter for MCU? Simply speaking this is great way in testing simple things on hardware. You can run single commands, run loops by simply sending those over serial terminal. It currently is designed for STM32VLDiscovery board but other hardware support should be there soon. Continue reading