Sleep O Meter – Now you will have a Good Night Sleep!

Go figure, after a long hard working day, there’s nothing better to have a good night sleep to recharge our exhausted body and mind. Sometimes, it’s easy said than done, as living in this 21st century that surrounded with numerous types of noise resources, it’s extremely hard for us to get a quality sleep without further disturbance. If you’re one of those who having insomnia, you don’t have to spend over hundreds or thousands of dollars arranging some appointment with the psychologist. Instead, you can build the Sleep O Meter and solve up the insomnia problem instantly! For your information, the main goal of the project is to track the movements of a person while he/she is sleeping. Let’s say, if the person has a good night sleep, then it will not move too many times during the night. Otherwise, if the person is disturbed by external factors, such as noise, light or vibration, frequent moves is going to happen throughout the night. By tracking the moves and the presence of the person, it able to count the number of… Continue reading

The Electronic Whoopie Cushion Deux – The Best Prank to Humiliate Somebody!

You’re a very humor person and you love to do something different to cheer someone up from the boring life? If you did, then this Electronic Whoopie Cushion Duex would be the excellent choice! Basically, it’s a device that built in a rubber bag with an opening on one end. The opening is working as a valve, which is allowing the air to be flowed into the bag, but restricted flow out of the bag. Normally, the bag is placed under a seat or between the cushion of a sofa. When a person is sitting on the chair, air is being forced out of the bag through the opening. The above mechanism will cause the bag to emit an embarrassing noise (It sounds like the person is farting). It isn’t hard to develop this fun stuff, all you need here is an MC33794 e-field sensor IC and a specially designed seat cushion sensor. Furthermore, you’ll need an MC68HC908QY4 microcontroller, as it helps you to sense when someone sits down or gets up from the sofa/chair! Honestly, this Electronic Whoopie Cushion… Continue reading

The Fantastic Digital Contactless MultiChannel Capacitance Level Sensor

Well, it might sound a little bit lengthy for you here, but this digital contactless multichannel capacitance level sensor is a remarkable system tool, where it has been specially designed for industrial. Basically, it has been used to detect liquid in the tubes of a pump or home automation applications (Example like laundry washer, water supply system). Furthermore, it also can be used as a multi channel, where some of the similar analyzing points are required. Here’s how the system works: The level sensor will detect the liquid level in a cylindrical, nonconducting vessel, where is covered by two identical, symmetrical plates. Then, the liquid level and dimension of the capacitor are going to determine the size of the plates. This system consists of four main parts, which as: Vessels, Electric Field Imaging Device MC33794, MC68HC908QY4 Microcontroller, LED-based dynamic indicating system. These four parts are fully related on each other. When signal on capacitor is processed by MC33794, the proportional value of direct analog voltage is moved out for microcontroller analysis. Normally, each voltage value is corresponding to its liquid… Continue reading