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Sleep’O’Meter – The Device to Ensure Your Good Night Sleep!

Living in the 21st century isn’t an easy task. Go figure, with all the never finish workload and lousy job, we’re mostly situated in a very stressful condition! Hence, there are more and more people starting to have sleep disorder in their life… For those who having the insomnia, it’s very difficult for a person to fall in sleep, as a very slow noise can make him/her await for all night long. If the problem keeps going on, it might leave some serious effects on one person’s health! That’s why, the Sleep’O’Meter is coming for the rescue! The main purpose of the device is to track the movements of the subject while a person is sleeping. Let’s take an example. If the person has a good night sleep, then he/she won’t move too many times during the sleep. So, by tracking the moves of the person who sleeps, it’s a piece of cake to count the number of sleep hours! The Sleep’O’Meter is based on MC33794 and 908QY4. It must be placed in bed or on the mattress to record… Continue reading

The Best E Sensor Water Leak Detector

“Honey, the washing machine is leaking water again, would you please come here and fix it?” “I’m sorry, sweetie. I’m so busy right now, maybe after dinner!” “No, the water leaking problem is getting worse. If you didn’t fix it right away, I afraid our house is going to be in flood!” “Alright, I’m back to home in less than 15 minutes. Try not to use the washing machine, before I fix it.” Honestly, if you’re having the same problem, as the couple did, maybe this E sensor water leak detector is the perfect device to solve up the matter. For your information, this E sensor water leak detector is able to sense water on the floor. Once it senses water, it sounds an alarm to warn the user or turn off a water valve immediately. It’s a super sensitive device, which can be used to detect a water leak under a washing machine, a water heater or any other water leak in your house! The E sensor water leak detector is based on the MC33794, which is capable to… Continue reading

The Ultimate E-field Sensor

What’s your opinion about the E-field sensor? Do you know that E-field sensor is the most suitable component that being used for industrial application. The MC33794-based E-field sensor can be used to detect liquid levels in any plastic containers. The electrodes are made of aluminium foils and it wrapped all around the container circumference. The whole system is designed around the MC68HC908JK3 microcontroller. In this project, the MC33794 is being used for applications, where non-contact sensing of objects is desired. Normally, it contains circuitry necessary to generate a low-level electric field and measure the field loading caused by objects moved into the field. Beside that, the MC33794 is intended for use in detecting objects in an electric field associated with an electrode. The IC will generate a low-frequency sine wave, and the frequency is adjustable by using an external resistor that has been optimized for 125 kHz. Basically, the sine wave has a very low harmonic content, where it is to avoid the generation of harmonic interference. The internal generator that being included in this E-field sensor will produce a… Continue reading