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Maximite – a PIC based BASIC language interpreter

Couple decades ago BASIC language was quite popular. If you feel sentimental about those old style BASIC interpreters then take a look at Geoff’s project so called Maximite. It is a PIC32MX based basic interpreter box that can be used to play with BASIC around. It has 128k of ram on PIC microcontroller, VGA output, PS/2 interface to connect keyboard. Also you can use USB and SD cards to store and load your programs. Board also has 20 programmable I/O pins that makes it real fun to interact with external hardware. I/O pins can be used for digital and analog voltages. BASIC interpreter supports floating point arithmetic’s, string values with full file I/O. Interpreter can handle up to 40000 program lines per second. If new firmware is released – it can be upgraded easily with bootloader via USB interface. Continue reading