Dual Axis Level Sensor – The Perfect Application for Home or Industrial

Most of the time, we’re have been experiencing this awful situation before. Go figure, how many times you’ve tried to adjust something for level with a spanner, but you’re not able to see how you doing! Furthermore, things start to out of control, if you are handling a pool table that has four adjustable feet, which you can fiddling around with the spanner and trying to figure out what is the exact table level is! Yeah, the whole scene could turn into a really nasty and huge pain for the fixer… However, there’s better solution for the above matter. Let’s meet the Mr. Incredible, Dual-Axis Level Sensor (Oops, is it really a person?). Basically, the dual-axis level sensor is based on LPC2138 microcontroller. Even though the designation is quite simple and unattractive, but it provides exceptional convenience to the users! For your information, the sensor system is fully-designed around electrolytic tilt sensors, where is capable of providing precise positioning measurements in within a few seconds! The units form the basis for many other applications. The Dual-axis level sensor is including… Continue reading

TV-based Oscilloscope – The LPC2138 Microcontroller-based Device

Many home hobbyists like to try something interesting and different. If you’re one of them that love to take on a challenge, then it’s the perfect time to get into this TV-based Oscilloscope projet! Hold on a minute! You’re thinking, “TV-based Oscilloscope? I’ve done the similar project before and I don’t want to waste my time on this stuff again!” Come on, guys. This TV-based Oscilloscope is slightly different from the others, as it based on a LPC2138 microcontroller application. It can be used to convert a standard television into a high-functioning oscilloscope. This means, with only a single chip solution, it able to turn your TV into a digital storage oscilloscope with a sampling rate 160 Ksps. This feature allows you to monitor five different voltages on the five analog inputs simultaneously! The main purpose of the project is to implement a high-resolution video generator inside the ARM microcontroller, LPC2318. In this case, the video generator is able to operate in the background mode, even though with a very low CPU loading! It supports two different standards, American NTSC… Continue reading

Buckymeter – The Best Buddy for Professional Bull Riders!

Is anyone here ever watched the “America’s Toughest Jobs”? Did you know that the bull riders are amongst the top 10 jobs in America? Also, it’s one of the most dangerous and brutal job, as you might twist your ankle or probably get yourself killed, during the bull riding event! Even though the annual salary of Bull rider is not too high, which is measly around US$42,000, but there are still many youngsters interested with this job! If you’re happened to be a bull rider, then this Buckymeter might be the ideal device for you here! Basically, Buckymeter is a tool, which is based on MEMS sensors and an LPC2138 microcontroller. For your information, the Buckymeter is also known as “Precision motion-sensing system” and it’s only being used in the military and commercial aviation in the last few decades! Thanks to the advent technology, a collection of these sensors can be connected to a custom microcontroller easily. This makes the MEMS sensors as one of the most high-end sensors in the electronics world. Well, the Buckymeter might be a small,… Continue reading

The Astonishing Proton Precession Magnetometer

Do you have any idea, what’s the main purpose of Proton Precession Magnetometer? Honestly, over half of the people didn’t know the actual function of this device! For your information, the Proton Precession Magnetometer (PPM) is being used to measure very small variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. It detects the ferrous objects on land and at sea. Basically, it uses the principle of Earth’s field nuclear magnetic resonance (EFNMR) to map the positions of demolished walls and building in the land, or to locate wrecked ships for recreational driving at sea! In this project, the Keil MCB2130 board is used as the mainboard to analysis the data. There’s a separate board, which is housing all of the electronics needed for the magnetometer. Besides that, the on-board LPC2138 microcontroller is responsible for sampling a magnetic field and implements an original algorithm to analyze the signal. One of the advantages of the Proton Precession Magnetometer is the ease of use and reliability. To be honest, there’s no precise leveling or orientation is needed. The strength of the total field can be… Continue reading