Monitor temperature on your web page with ThingSpeak

This project is build around mbed platform which features LPC1768 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller. IT reads temperature from DS1620 IC. mbed reads correct time values via Network Time Protocol (NTP) and then logs temperature values to ThingSpeak. ThingSpeak is a great and open application platform that allows users to upload various data by using a web service. It already provides a nice chart API that can be embedded in to your web page for real time data visualization. Check out for more ways to send data to ThingSpeak. Continue reading

Audio effects on mbed platform

Mbed platform is based on LPC1768 microcontroller which has a great power to perform most signal processing in audio level. Current effect generator is fairly simple as it uses a standard electret microphone that is connected through several stages of OP amps operating as buffer, amplifier and low pass filter (10-15kHz). Then signal enters a microcontroller for some processing. And then signal leaves microcontroller via DAC  to output amps. Effect platform is doing great job. It can do simple tasks like delay, echoing. For more audio effects there is more complex signal processing needed like FFT and digital filtering where DSP processor would be better choice. But still mbed platform is quite powerful to try more. Continue reading