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The Hypersensitive Digital Thermometer

Want to have a hypersensitive digital thermometer, but you have no idea where to start? Well, then you should spare few minutes and read on this article… Nowadays, it’s quite easy to build an inexpensive and accurate digital thermometer. With the easy availability of digital multimeters and integrated circuit temperature sensors, it makes the whole process even easier than before! For your information, you’re about to build a digital thermometer that based on PIC16F877 microcontroller, alongside with the temperature sensor LM35DZ and MAX232 IC. You can view the temperature measurements on a computer program, where it can monitor the state of COM ports of a PC. Continue reading

2 channel LM35DZ temperature sensor project

This is quite simple temperature measuring unit which uses two LM35DZ sensors, Atmel AVR AT90S4433 (now obsolete) which is compatible to Atmega8. Information is displayed on standard LCD and optionally sent to RS232 port. Circuit diagram of temperature sensor is here. C files are available in site. Site originally is written in Japanese language, so use a translator. Continue reading