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Experience Yourself With The Live Musical Performance Visualization System

Do you want to turn your home into a mini concert, but you just don’t know how to do it? Then, you should pay attention on the below guide, as you’ll learn how to create a live musical performances visualization system! The main core of this project is the Piezo sensors, where it is used to connect to drumkit items to pick up drum hits. It is used to control the snare drum, kick pedal, toms, hats and others. Thus, it’s responsible to pick up vibrations and convert this information into an analogue signal, and then will send to the Arduino circuit. Furthermore, the Piezo sensors are connected to two wires, where are in turn soldered to a 3.5mm Jack and it is connected to the Arduino system via a circuit box. The main reason why 3.5mm jacks are used because the resistors that require in the circuit were being built into the box in, where the Arduino is housed. As a result, this will make the production of extra sensors becoming quicker, and this means, you can produce backup… Continue reading