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Cyclocomputer – a LilyPad bicycle computer

This is really an original design of bicycle computer which is made of sew-able electronics materials. The core of this is an Arduino LilyPad surrounded by few electronics parts like buttons and buzzer. Electronics were sewed to specially shaped jeans sheet that looks great on bicycle. Cyclocomputer uses a wheel sensor to read revolutions and this way measures speed and distance. The interesting part of this that it reports trip meters in Morse code. Continue reading

Count your email directly on t-shirt

With electronics you can do amazing things in a simple way. Just because there are so many pre-made modules that can do lots of background tasks. One of these is Arduino Lilypad. It was specially designed in such way so it could fit anywhere, but mostly on your clothes, where with few LEDs and/or additional modules you can do amazing hi tech gadgets. In this design Arduino Lilypad and Bluetooth dongle acts as an Email counter directly on t-shirt. Well it may look too expensive combination but heck it looks really cool. As you already guessed, Arduino questions Android phone via Bluetooth if there are any emails for you and then displays a number of them via LEDs ON that are sewed on t-shirt. And yeah – don’t put it… Continue reading