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PIC16F628 based 8 running lights controller

You have probably already build several LED light effects. These are simple to build as only microcontroller, resistor and LED is needed. But probably you will agree that flashing powerful lamps is more exciting and so dangerous as well. Rajkumar Sharma posted his 8 channel running lights controller that can handle 100W light bulbs on each channel. Controller is based on PIC16F628 microcontroller which drives 8 opto-isolated triacs where each can handle 230V and 100W. Running lights effects can be changed with three tactile switches. If you planning on organizing party this might be a great next project. Continue reading

Redesigned bike light controller gives exactly what you need

James is passionate with mountain biking. When dark comes proper lighting is required. For this he purchased a bike light controller which didn’t prove itself with its lack of button debounce, annoying strobe in super bright mode. Without thinking further he started his own controller project where he could select modes with single push button that would be properly debounced. He went with several lighting modes including 100% constant, 50%, 15% and 15% constant with a 2Hz, 100ms 100% flash strobe. Such strobe with steady lighting seems to work well when catching drivers attention. For electronics part he’s chosen Attiny25 microcontroller which is small enough to fit in to existing enclosure with other components. He used 78L33 voltage regulator to get DC power supply for circuit from battery. Continue reading

You Also Can Be Einstein with This RV LED Light Controller

Would you think you’re smart enough to compare with the Einstein? If you are, then you should try to DIY this RV LED light controller. Material needed: A PIC 16F627 A standard 1141 bayonet bulbs Twenty-one LED We’re using the standard 1141 bayonet bulbs that cost less than 1/10th power and it can also used as an emergency lamp, by placing a gell cell battery on it. Some of the great features are: Three light output. Delayed off mode (Give you times to get into bed, before the lights go out). Half an hour auto off mode. Low battery voltage alarm (about 11.4 volts). No drilling or wiring needed to install it. It will maintain regulated light levels to 11 volts, by using the 21 ultra bright LEDs. If you referred to the above figure, you will see the configuration as: Jumper from pin 5-6 show the auto off feature (You can remove this jumper if you do not want the light to turn off automatically). Remove the jumper auto off will occur after about 1/2 hour. Jumper from pin… Continue reading