The Smart Garage Parking Assistant Means No More Bang Bang Sound!

Are you always having the problem to park your car inside the garage? You just don’t know where the limit is and often gets the car banging on the garage’s door? Ok, you did feel the frustration and would like to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. Well, this “Garage parking Assistant” might be the permanent solution for you here! The specialty about this system is it can give you the right signal with a traffic-light style display of when to pull in (Green light), slow down (Yellow light) and Stop signal (Red signal). These lights will ease the parking work for sure! There are four different zones for this project and each of the zones has the different function. Zone 1: This zones close to the sensor or wall and will indicate the area you can’t park with. This mean if you’re getting too close with the zone, then the Red LED will flash on/off continuously to give you a warning. Zone 2: This is the zone, where you know how to park the front of… Continue reading

DIY a Spooky Hack-O-Latern with Song LED Flashing!

Do you having any special plan for the upcoming Halloween festival? Well, you might be thinking, “Nah, is still too early for it…” However, this is the best chance for you to practice your PIC controller knowledge, by DIY a “Hack-O-Lantern”. Before you starting the project, those components you need to prepare here are: Super Bright LEDs, which means you can keeps the Dim LEDs away from this project A Parallax Basic Stamp 2 Microcontroller Board Some nails, which it can be used to hold the micro-controller board onto the side of the pumpkin Computer speaker that will act as an amplifier Sharp knives, and of course A big and round Pumpkin! Ok, firstly, you have to carve your pumpkin and it’s totally depends on your creativity; whether you want to make the pumpkin a scary face, or even smiley face is up to you! You have to make sure that the LEDs will shine through the pumpkin as well. After that, you must hook up your microcontroller with the LEDs and speakers in the same place. Next, you have… Continue reading

Garden Monitor Outdoor System – It Will Take Care Your Backyard Soil Moisture

You’re too tired or lazy to wake up at 6:00, rush to your backyard and watering the plants? Well, you can always having a longer and quality sleep without need to wake up early just for the watering purpose, by creating a “Garden Monitor Outdoor System”. Before you starting the project, you need to pay attention to these following factors: The sunlight intensity at the surface Temperature at the surface Humidity at the surface Temperature at three inch depth Moisture content at three inch depth Temperature at two foot depth Moisture content at two foot depth Ok, let’s the project started… Firstly, you need to apply the code for the Remote Programming Module 08M Code, which you can get it Here. Beside that, you have to follow the below instructions: Blinks the LED three times on power up Waits for it’s address and grabs the Requested Function and Data Lights the “Addressed” LED and returns what it’s read Executes the requested Function by using the supplied Data Turns the “Addressed” LED off Repeats the No1- No5 steps Since the Remote… Continue reading

Internet0 Transceiver – Sending Data Over the Internet will Never be a Matter Anymore

Living in the 21st century world, you mostly get in touch with the IP related stuffs everyday life. That’s why you should create/develop an Internet0 transceiver, which it will ease your data sending tasks over the internet in a standardized progress, and without even considers about the electronics or cost at all. For today class project, you are going to create a very small yet simple internet0 transceiver device. With just a press of button, a sequence of clicks will be encoded or decoded, then encapsulated in an IP packet and will sent to a computer by serial port in a systematic sequence. Continue reading

The Multipurpose Digital MultipleXed will Ease Your Arduino Works

Have you ever wonder how to optimize the uses of DMX, especially for the Arduino related projects? Believe it or not, you can apply the DMX in many electronic related fields and you will be amazed by the capability of DMX in handling the Arduino board. DMX interface is a device that receives DMX messages and control different types of lights at once. It’s has been well designed to be powered at 12V and housed in a standard DIN enclosure. You can use the DMX for the following purposes: It can be used to control four groups of lamps from a central location. It can be used to control incandescent and LED lights. You can connect up to 128 of these devices just on a single cable, and control up to 512 groups of lamps. Beside that, you can combine the DMX with the PWM feature and turn it into a powerful DMX-PWM converter. It can be used for the control the brightness of four low-voltages LED or the incandescent lamps via the DMX protocol. The main function of PWM… Continue reading

Enlightening Your Life with Biophionitos

What if I tell you, that you can have a virtual pet (not the online one) and you don’t need to spend a dime for the feeding, would you mind to have one? Well, let’s meet this Biophionitos, which it is a reflection on the virtual creative processes and an inspirational DIY project (Your child will love this one for sure). The main objective of the Biophionitos is to create artificial life using the Zootropes idea. Thus, you can easily draw a virtual animal or even use this as a physical animation too. This Biophionitos stuff enables you to compose a limited series of simple polygons. In the final stage, you will get a round shape with sixteen sequences of the animals, which can be printed and inserted in a phenakistoscop. There are four basic modes for this Biophionitos and there are feed, play, hug and light. All of the four modes almost using the same components, which as: Arduino Board (except the EMI board for light mode ) DC Motor 9-12V 22 uF capacitor 1K ohm resistor (it needs… Continue reading