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LED News Ticker – scrolls the latest news through LEDs

They say bad news has feet but embedd guys say internet news has LEDs? We got amazed by James Blackwell’s LED new ticker which brings live broadcast to you by scrolling the latest news headlines on an array of 1.32-inch bicolor 8×8 LED matrices. A PIC18F2525 was used as the news ticker’s main processor while harnessing the power of Wiznet’s WIZ810MJ ethernet module to gain access to the internet. This news ticker does not need any user interaction; once the switch is fired it immediately connects to the network, handling DCHP leasing while also setting up DNS details. Once connection is confirmed the news ticker will then fetch news headlines from the internet and updates every fifteen minutes. Oh by the way before I forget this news ticker won second place on Wiznet’s iEthernet design contest last 2007, news for something huh? If we call news papers as printed media we could call the news ticker as scrolled media. Continue reading

Digital Clock Based on the PIC16F84A

Ok, it isn’t a new and extraordinary task to build yourself own digital clock. However, you’ll get different feeling and experience, even you’re repeating the same projects for over hundred or thousand times! Let’s take an example. You’ve probably built several digital clock in the past, and you must think it’s silly to create another digital clock here. Well, let me remain you that this digital clock is slightly different from the others. As you can see on the above picture, this digital clock has a bigger and brighter LED display. The main purpose of this project is to build a clock that can display the time and date on ten seven segment displays. In addition, you have to make sure that the project can easily fit in a small red see-through box as shown on the above figure. Continue reading

The Mobile Phone Size LED Micro-Readerboard is Awesome!

Do you need LED micro-readerboard to help you in the daily tasks? If you did, then you have to check out this LED micro-readerboard. For your information, this LED micro-readerboard has a size of mobile phone. Don’t judge based on its appearance, as it uses a standard common cathode LED display and a new set of phrases. It requires any a very small amount of power to keep it operates. Thus, it features a longer battery life form than any other Led readerboards. You can easily download the code from internet, as it’s an open source project. This LED micro-readerboard is very spectacular, where it spells out simple preprogrammed messages, such as “MAKE” or “HELLO WORLD”, one letter at a time on the big bright single-character alphanumeric LED display. It automatically picks up a new message from its memory to repeat, soon after you turned on the switch. Up to fifteen phrases can be included and a bank of optional holiday messages can be enabled as well with some help of the default firmware. You don’t familiar with the programming… Continue reading

The Remote Display Based on PIC16F873

You’ve probably exposed to many different types of remote display before, but have you ever built the remote display that based on PIC16F873? The PIC16F873 has an asynchronous communication function (USART) and it’s very important for this project. The information that has been setting with the control unit is displayed on the large-sized display installed in the about 10-m left place using the cable. Since the displaying unit is only 25cm height and 40cm width, thus it wasn’t too large in size! The main purpose of this developing this equipment is to inform the people who gather to certain places, such as church, hospital or public library about the number of the hymn/queuing. Hence, the contents to be displayed are only limited to three digit figure. For constructing the LED display, red LEDs with 5mm diameter are used for the displaying of a letter, while the large-sized 7 segment LEDs are used to display the digit. In order to cut off the cost, the LED matrix won’t be used in this project. If you want to make the display can… Continue reading