Ambitious 3D spectrum analyzer holds 1280 LEDs

We have seen many LED cube projects that can generate lots of great effects. Sometimes the problem is that in too large cubes inner layers are hardly visible. So what if to build a LED based rectangle with less layers of LEDs. Dooievriend have found great combination of 3D effect and visibility. He has built 16x16x5 rectangle configuration of blue LEDs that displays spectrum of music being played. The heart of this spectrum analyzer is PIC32 microcontroller running at 80MHz. It has enough power to sample sound and calculate DFT of the signal. It samples input signal at 14kHz and then calculates spectrum frequencies from range 20 – 7000Hz. It refreshes the spectrum graph at 80 FPS so it looks really live. Continue reading

Arduino shield to drive LED cubes

Arduino is great for simple projects as long as special capabilities aren’t required. You can find a suitable shield for specific tasks like driving motors, LCDs, or connecting to the internet in most cases. But what if you need to drive a LED cube. Driving 8x8x8 cube becomes challenging and require a few shift registers to expand the number of I/Os. Obviously, for Arduino, a shield is needed. Connor has designed a voxel shield that makes it easy to drive cubes with up to 512 LEDs. Or LED matrixes in particular cases. In his design, he used 9 SN74LS595N shift registers. As LED cubes require a significant amount of power, he added a connector that can suck the power from ATX power supply. So great addition to Arduino shield pool. Continue reading

Arduino LED cube

It seems that Arduino board has strong positions among electronic hobbyists. This makes a good base for various projects that can be prototyped very fast. LED cube is made of 3x3x3=27 LEDs that is not much, but it is still FUN to play with. Full source code is available for compiling and modifying it. Continue reading