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The Finest Combination of LCD and USB – LCD2USB!

Most of you here were very familiar with the LCD and USB in your daily life, but have you ever thought to combine these two different components into a cooler gadget? Yep, the gadget that you’re going to develop is LCD2USB! This LCD2USB is an open source project, and the main goal of LCD2USB is to connect HDD44780 based text LCD displays to various PCs via USB. The advantage of this LCD2USB is very cheap and easy to be developed. Since the project is based on the Atmel AVR Mega8 CPU, hence it doesn’t require any difficult to obtain parts, such as the separate USB controllers. The total cost without display and PCB are less than $10, which it is extremely cheap if you comparing with those on market! Furthermore, the LCD2USB is currently comes with a simple demo application, which allow it to work under Linux, MacOS X and Windows without any further medication! The LCD2USB is also supported by LCD4Linux (LCD2USB support is built-in), LCD Smartie that require a separate driver and LCDProc (LCD2USB support is currently in… Continue reading

Interface HD44780 LCD to USB port

This nice LCD2USB device is an open source and open hardware project. The mani idea was to make cheap solution of LCD connection to various PC’s via USB port. The total cost of LCD2USB is up to 10 Euros, while applications can be run under various operation systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS. This may be a nice addition to your PC to display various system information or simply for showing MP3 song titles.   Information which is sent to LCD can be configured and transferred with various well known applications like lcd4linux, LCD Smartie (requires a seperate driver), and LCDProc. USB interface is software implementation on AVR Atmega8 microcontroller, so no expensive special micros are needed. Project is very well documented and constantly updated. Download the latest version here. Continue reading