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This “MAID” is totally unbelievable!

“Maria, where’s my towel?” “Maria, have you prepared the breakfast yet?” “Maria, did you watering the backyard garden?” “Maria, I can’t find my newspaper, where did you put it?” Ok, if you’re one of the few that afford to hire a MAID, then you’re very lucky. However, for those who didn’t have the ability to do it, don’t be frustrated, as this intelligent “MAID” is ready to provide the service you need here! Hehe, you must be wondered, why I bracketed the MAID word? Well, it’s because the MAID word is actually a short acronym of “Mechanized Assistant for Indian Domestic”. You know what; MAID is one of the brilliant ideas from IIT Madras Golden design challenge, as it’s an innovative new home appliance robot that helps household. By using… Continue reading

The Simple Wifi Radio Project

Did you know that the very first internet radio program was started in 1993? In that moment, radio programs were manually downloaded first, and then to be played later on the user’s home computer. After a few years later, the streaming radio is giving birth to internet radio stations. It immediately became the new favorite of radio listeners, as it could be received by anyone with access to the internet! Today, streaming radios have become a trend, which up to 30 percent of radio listeners are using the streaming radios channel than the traditional AM/FM radios! If you’re a huge radio fan, and you cannot live without it, maybe the Wifi Radio project is what you need here. Below here are the basic requirements for building up the Wifi radio:… Continue reading

The Digital Paperless Receipt System Will Make Your Life Easy!

If you have a job, where you’re needed to keep track of paper receipts, then it would be a disaster, if you discovered that a few of the paper receipts were missing here and there! You might be in deep trouble, especially when you’re being accused or blamed for missing the important paper receipts of company. In order to get yourself out from this mistake, you might want to develop digital paperless receipt system. By using this digital paperless receipt system, all your receipts can now be stored automatically in one central location. Well, the main purpose of this project is when a customer tries to make a purchase with a credit or ATM card; the transaction information will be automatically packaged and sent to a webserver. If the customer… Continue reading

Look Carefully! It is a Message Pump Not a Massage Pump!

Guys, have you ever been mixed up with the word “message” and “massage”? Well, if you did then try not to blame yourself, as these two words were very similar and most of the people will misspell and misuse it all the time! Let’s back to the topic… Today, you will have the chance to create a tiny but powerful “Message Pump,” where it is a intelligent device that can be used to connect a LCD display directly to your computer or laptop. For your information, it uses a PIC microcontroller to drive the LCD and a FTDI USB to serial chip to connect to your computer. What is so great about the FTDI chip is the drivers are compatible for Windows, Linux and Macintosh! Basically, the principle of FTDI… Continue reading

The RMS G-Meter – The Great Helper in Heavy Industrial Field!

Have you ever wondered that how the RMS G-meter function and help you off in the daily life? Well, The RMS G-meter has the ability to measure the acceleration up to five times of Earth’s gravity (The Earth’s Gravity is in ‘G’ unit). You can either put it inside or on the object whatever you want to measure the gravity. Basically, this RMS G-Meter is a microprocessor-based device that will display and update the RMS value of the acceleration levels in real time. This RMS G-Meter is made from the combination of: A single -axis accelerometer The signal conditioning A/D converter Micro-controller LCD display Battery power supply When you turn on the device, you can select either Peak mode, Average mode, or even the Integrated RMS mode. Each type of… Continue reading

DIY Homebuilt MP3 Player – It’s Time to Bid Farewell to Your CD

Did you bought a mountain of MP3 CDs and feeling frustrated of the messy which cause by the CDs? You’re cannot hold on anymore and it’s nearly drive you crazy of the mess situation? Well, there is always a solution for this case, and it’s depends on how dedicate and you own will on it. Ok, if you’re ready for the DIY Homebuilt MP3 Player, and then let’s get the party started now… What we considered a good MP3 Player is: The capable of storing over 1000 songs The unique standalone operation, means no PC required The simple and fast mechanism for song uploads Can transform into a home stereo or functioning in a car Extremely easy to develop By combine the MP3 Player with the below steps, it could… Continue reading