Laser based projector

This is again a final year project by Melissa and her team, who all are students at Cornell University. The electrical part of the project consists of Galvanometer and the microcontroller which acts as an input to the position detector sensor and also are responsible for control loops which have been implemented using proportionate derivative controller. The mechanical part consists of a combination of different devices which makes up the laser projector. A part of the software runs on a Linux based PC which handles file parsing, point scanning, frame display, and serial transmission to the control board. For this laser projector, the moving and still parts of the galvo are switched around. The current running through the coils causes the rotary motion of the magnet, and subsequently, both the position detector electrode and the mirror attached to the ends. The project have been designed keeping in mind that further research and development should take place on a similar concept. The project schematics needs a little bit of improvement as accessing the board is a challenging task. A different project… Continue reading

Basic 16×8 resolution laser projector

Making laser projector doesn’t take much. Hardware is simple – a controller board (Arduino in this case), laser from DVD writer, small motor and set of mirrors. Mechanics is one thing and microcontroller is another. Since this is a multi-line projection it requires synchronization which is done using IR sensor. IR sensor captures rotation of mirrors and gives exact timing for sending laser pulses. In order to make things more interesting there is an xBee module added for live data streaming. Using this wireless link it is possible to draw things with mouse and instantly see on projection, view scrolling text and the crazy one – display webcam image with only 16×8 pixels. Continue reading

The Sophisticated Closed Loop Laser Projector

Do you have interested on laser projector and always wondering how does it work? You maybe think that developing a laser projector project will cost you a lot of money. Ok, if you are being told that you could create a lost cost laser projector, would you like to build one for yourself here? The main objective of this laser projector is to create a character projector, which it can be used to interface to a mobile device or even linked to a PC via a serial port. By simply switching on and off a laser beam, it will be reflected off a rotating polygonal mirror and it’s possible to display dot matrix style text onto any surface. Continue reading