It’s Time For You to Learn About Lambda!

There are many things you can getting from a can, such as candy, soup, green peas or even bread! What if someone tells you, where you can get Lambda Calculus in a can? Well, it might sound a little bit ridiculous to you here, but it’s a fact! The project LambdaCan is a very interesting exercise in absurdity. It can be implemented a reducer for the Lambda Calculus, a formal system developed by Alonzo Church in the 1930’s to overcome the deepest mathematical problem of the day. The Project LambdaCan is taking this tool for exploring the most profound mathematical problems and implements it on a microcontroller that better suited to the most mundane of tasks. Basically, it’s like running a vending machine or microwave oven. By sticking the microcontroller in a can, you’ll have a LambdaCan that you can use it to connect to your PC using a USB cable. However, you should find the way to overcome the extreme overhead that involved in supporting the painfully abstract Lambda Calculus. The microcontroller would perform much better if the code… Continue reading