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Dual Thermometer with Graphical LCD

Dont know if using grafical LCD is very effective way of building thermometer, but if you have few spare laying on your desk – why not. As a result you can bild very cool thermometer as Andrei did. He used few standard parts like PIC16F88 microcontroller, KS0108 graphical LCD and couple LM35 temperature sensors. He also made Proteus VSM simulation – this is much easier to test firmware or even modify existing one without building real board. All necesasry files including source code written for CCS C compiler, Proteus VSM simulation file and hex you can find here. Continue reading

The Practical LCD Oscilloscope Specialized for Spectrum Analyzers

Do you know what the most popular display in present days? Bingo, LCD modules are the correct answer! You didn’t believe it? Well, you can easily find the LCD modules, ranging from the simple numerical displays with few single-color digits to gigantic and high-resolution full color computer monitors! A single-color graphical LCD module is needed in an oscilloscope display for a spectrum analyzer in the medium-resolution. However, the modules in the simple and medium-resolution only have shift registers associated with the columns and rows of the display. In this case, you have to provide a continuous data flow to refresh and multiplex the display content, which is definitely a hassle work to do here! In other hands, the LCD module with a built-in controller, just as this LCD oscilloscope specialized for spectrum analyzer is much simpler to use. Since it equipped with the refresh and multiplex feature, thus you don’t have to provide the data flow onto the display continuously! For a better resolution and high performance, you should choose the Samsung KS0107 chip as the clock generator. It able… Continue reading

AVR graphical LCD test board

Graphical LCDs with KS0108 controllers are used for quite long time like widely used HD44780 Text LCDs. So there are many projects and information available around the internet. Scienceprog has build simple single sided board for HQM1286404 128×64 graphical LCD with same KS0108 controller. The board can be equipped with Atmega16 or Atmega32 depending on memory needs. Also it has many other available features that allow to reach various complex applications on single board like 16MHz speed for high speed ADC applications, ISP for fast programming, RS232 communication block, potentiometer adjustable analog reference voltage (AREF) from 0 to 5V, graphical LCD with contrast potentiometer, 3 ADC inputs, 10 I/O pins, reset button, 5V voltage regulator on board. PCB small(100x50mm) single sided without wire strips. There you can also find program demo which KS0108 control library, and all other project files included. Continue reading