The Astonishing Proton Precession Magnetometer

Do you have any idea, what’s the main purpose of Proton Precession Magnetometer? Honestly, over half of the people didn’t know the actual function of this device! For your information, the Proton Precession Magnetometer (PPM) is being used to measure very small variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. It detects the ferrous objects on land and at sea. Basically, it uses the principle of Earth’s field nuclear magnetic resonance (EFNMR) to map the positions of demolished walls and building in the land, or to locate wrecked ships for recreational driving at sea! In this project, the Keil MCB2130 board is used as the mainboard to analysis the data. There’s a separate board, which is housing all of the electronics needed for the magnetometer. Besides that, the on-board LPC2138 microcontroller is responsible for sampling a magnetic field and implements an original algorithm to analyze the signal. One of the advantages of the Proton Precession Magnetometer is the ease of use and reliability. To be honest, there’s no precise leveling or orientation is needed. The strength of the total field can be… Continue reading