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A Device to create, collaborate music

This is a final year project by students of Cornell University which permits companions to learn melodies, make their own particular tunes, and collectively consolidate them. There are basically two pedals each having eight sets of fully customizable buttons and any button can be used to play and MIDI sounds. The device also allows you to record your music in real time and also offer functionality for playback. However, the different feature of this device is its ability to transfer music to your friend which can then merge their melodies with yours. The transmission takes places through a set of IR transmitters and receivers There is also a teacher mode which allows you to practice playing pre-programmed songs. The prototype uses pulse-width modulation and direct digital synthesis to play back music. Due to high ram requirement, an Atmega 128p was used as the microcontroller since it has the highest ram among the ATmega series of controller. A good point of the project is that IR transmission has been implemented using TCP/IP protocol which makes the transmission and receiving of messages… Continue reading

DIY Homebuilt MP3 Player – It’s Time to Bid Farewell to Your CD

Did you bought a mountain of MP3 CDs and feeling frustrated of the messy which cause by the CDs? You’re cannot hold on anymore and it’s nearly drive you crazy of the mess situation? Well, there is always a solution for this case, and it’s depends on how dedicate and you own will on it. Ok, if you’re ready for the DIY Homebuilt MP3 Player, and then let’s get the party started now… What we considered a good MP3 Player is: The capable of storing over 1000 songs The unique standalone operation, means no PC required The simple and fast mechanism for song uploads Can transform into a home stereo or functioning in a car Extremely easy to develop By combine the MP3 Player with the below steps, it could ultimately increase the MP3 Player to the top performance: The huge and back-lit LCD display The IR remote-control receiver port The USB 2.0 connection (for fast song transfers purpose) It’s can be functions as a USB harddisk The 24-bit stereo audio output Full support for the fixed & variable bitrate… Continue reading

Probably the simplest 3 channel IR remote control

This is a simple 3-channel remote control project developed by sixca. It uses two PIC12F629 microcontrollers for both sides: receiver and transmitter.   Remote control is based on RC5 protocol which is most popular among manufacturers and hobbyist because of its simplicity. Transmitting is done by pressing one of three buttons representing channels. Rx side has IR receiver which decodes transmitted signal and gives logical “1” outputon one of three pins. These pins can control anything including relays, lamps, motors and other external devices. You may expand functionality by modifying source code. Continue reading